Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keyboard Player (5 min. SketchTime iPad Sketch)

Keyboard Player (detail)

Keyboard Player (click to enlarge)
I've already written about how great SketchTime is... It is my favourite go-to sketching app for the iPad and iPhone. As it happens I'm beta testing a new version right now, which includes more colours and even more shades of grey! Look for it soon in the Apple app store. This was the first lil' sketch I made while giving it a go on my iPad 3. As with all my iPad and iPhone sketches, I'm letting loose and having fun... not too worried about flubs, more interested in capturing a neat subject with energy and hopefully grace. Lately I've been enjoying selectively building up forms (the face, the forearm) while leaving other parts of the sketch less finished... Very quick sketch (5 minutes).

As a reminder, you can see all my iPhone and iPad sketches at my dedicated iOS sketching site: iosketch.tumblr.com !

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