Friday, July 6, 2012

Up You Go!

Sometimes it's great to just come back to traditional pencil and paper... This is a little drawing I made last night from my head. I had seen a similar drawing by someone on Flickr, which I really liked. I focused on creating the illusion that the little baby has weight and takes some effort to be lifted by dad...

Click to enlarge.

Up You Go! (pencil on paper)


My recent readings on astronomy inspired this impressionistic little drawing of a moon illuminating some snowbanks...

Procreate on iPad. Click to enlarge.

Moon (Procreate on iPad)


On iPad using the Art Set app. Click to enlarge...

I love the real media effects in this simple app. Also, it's far more responsive (though limited) compared to Art Rage on the iPad, which is so slow as to be unusable for me.

Witch (Art Set on iPad)

As Seen Through My Eyes...

I've decided to post some of my favourite recent twitter sketches to this blog too. From now on, I will post new sketches to both twitter and Meanderink, with the exception of the urban sketches (which always appear on my Flickr blog). Click for larger image.

Being Creative (SketchTime on iPad)

Writing (SketchTime on iPad)

Table (SketchTime on iPad)

Sleeping (Procreate on iPad)