Monday, July 28, 2008

From the Archives...

I've been away the past few days (moving apartments here in MTL) and haven't had a chance to draw anything new, so I thought it might be fun to post two sketches from the archives so to speak... that is, from the huge store of drawings/sketches on my computer (13 gigs and counting). Sometimes I scan drawings like these in because I have them in mind for "finished" illustrations; other times I just scan them in cos I like them and want to "immortalize" them by putting them on my computer. This is in itself an interesting impulse: why should we feel that somehow an artwork is MORE enduring because it can be reproduced digitally, especially since the process of scanning something into a computer of course renders a real object less real. But that's exactly what makes that object more flexible and therefore capable of - theoretically at least (barring a system crash) - being reproduced forever... Personally, I've never been big on carrying around a portfolio full of precious one-offs. But I digress... (sorry; this is bound to happen in this blog! You get something for everyone - those that like to read and those that like to look :) Speaking of looking: These 2 sketches are very different in tone and feel (also different media used: brush vs. ball point pen) but I equally like looking at them for different reasons. Hope you do too!

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Unknown said...

Arms UP! Makes me really happy to look at. It's almost like there's a stick up and the woman is like "aaah" then the little man in the back is like "oh hell, not again..."

Well done!