Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Is Baby Harper Drinking?

Here's a little cartoon of Stephen Harper, our current PM, not finished yet, but I've posted a few early stages just for fun. I've been thinking about what to put on the bottle. Any suggestions? Get creative and send me your best idea (comment or email, or contact me on twitter)!

It's so much fun making political caricatures :) By the way, for those digital painters out there I tried a new brush for this piece: the "Smeary Flat" brush under the "Oils" menu in Painter along with a "Smudge" blender. Nice blending results although not as distinctive as the Real Bristle brushes... Much nicer tilt control on this brush however.

1 comment:

Mike Sankey said...

Ha hah!
I think if he was sucking on anything, it would be a real nipple belonging to lady liberty or something-although i appreciate that it would be a little too crude.
How about a nice caption: "harper for PM: He'll suck it 'till it's dry..."