Friday, April 1, 2011


More fun with the Cintiq 21 UX and Painter. This is a quick drawing I made using my favourite brush of all for drawing in Painter: the "Dry Ink" brush in the "Calligraphy" brush category. This brush is my new best friend :) When I found it I started smiling right away (hint: when starting out with Painter just go crazy trying out all the different brushes - it's a blast!). These are EXACTLY the types of scraggly lines that I love to do. So much character in these types of lines... Also, this brush is relatively close in look and feel to the Pentel brush pen, which I use for all my urban sketches, which you can see on my twitter page. The variability of width is there, just like with a real brush pen, although the dry ink brush in Painter is a lot rougher and scragglier. I love this brush. And as you can see, you aren't limited to just using black either. All the colour in this drawing is laid down using various sizes of dry ink brush.

After it was done I threw on a thick canvas-like texture using the "Add Grain" brush in Painter's "Photo" brush category. This just lays the grain straight over whatever you've done. Neat effect.

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