Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Characters of Line.. Some Self Portraits in Pen and Ink

Self Portrait at Cote des Neiges, Montreal (2005)
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Self Portrait in Early January (2013)
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Self Portrait with Spiky Hair (2013)
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Self Portrait on Sunday Morning (2013)
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Threadpainter said...

I just love your self-portraits ... very brave of you !
I envy anyone who can do this. I have never had the courage to look at myself so intently and fear I might 'enhance' my drawing a touch ;)

Tom said...

Thank you Sharron! I believe we all have different thresholds of courage. I've always done self portraits, though I used to not share them online much (there are 2 more on my website, though, www.tompokinko.com)... Maybe the fact that I'm a man comes into play, but I have always found it easier to draw myself. I'm very curious about myself... especially as the body grows older and changes. There's less pressure to flatter and nobody knows if you've done a bad one - you can just throw it out :). Also, I like the fact that, as a subject, you are always available to yourself, and cooperative. It's a great way to practice drawing and seeing, all while trying to capture something elusive... a sense of self. I always find that through the process I learn a lot and come to appreciate myself in a new way...