Friday, July 17, 2009

Waiting for... Hamlet

My brother came to visit me in London this past week. He's a big theatre buff and so he somehow got me and my girlfriend to line up at 7am outside the theatre with a bunch of other people. We sat, read the paper, had coffee and chatted until 11, when the box office opened. The play was Hamlet at the beautiful Wyndham theatre. Waiting definitely had its benefits: we got seats in a box about 5 meters from the stage! Hamlet was played by Jude Law... so I got to see him up close. He's alright - not my favourite and actually pretty bad as Hamlet! But the shrieks of the women in the audience at the end smoothed over any criticisms and Jude's beaming face seemed to say "see, I really am as great as all that!" 

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Jolean said...

hahah cut Jude Law some slack; he wasn't meant to be a pro Shakespearean actor in the first place :) he wasn't perfect, but at least he gave it a damn good attempt! ;)

nice meeting u and your gang; we wouldn't have known how to pass the time without your lovely company!

Jolean with the inspirational hair ;)